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Organise Your Day

On your own

Just turn up at a pond and sail, any boat. Try sailing your entire fleet if you are lucky enough to have more than one boat.

Friends and Family


Ask friends and family along where ever you sail.


Sail at home using whatever you have whether a tin bath or a bucket!


Organise a Picnic full of nice things even if you stay at home, if you are at home you could even hold a BBQ.​


Arrange a "turn up and sail what you brought" regatta even if it is at home.

Hold races for both children and adults.

Award rosettes if you wish for placed boats or the oldest yacht, best homebuilt yacht, best-restored yacht, the longest time for the yacht on the water/slowest yacht, most flamboyant yacht etc:


Involve and enlighten passers-by.

Let a stranger sail your yacht.

Provide a Static yacht display area for the public.

Public Events

If you hold an event advertise it using posters tell the press and send them a press release.

Events will require permission from the local authority, a risk assessment, insurance, first aiders, safety officer and toilets.

Social Media

Spread the word, post pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram using #Worldpondyachtday

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