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World Pond Yacht Day

'World Pond Yacht Day' is an annual worldwide event held every last Sunday in May, which has been created to help preserve and promote the pastime of sailing pond yachts, around the world, for future generations to come. There are too many forgotten model boats languishing in sheds and garages throughout the world. We want to encourage and help you to find these sailing yachts no matter how old they are, dust them down, fix them up and get them back on the water.

What better family fun and healthy exercise could there be than to send a sailing yacht scudding across the water? Sailing model yachts was once the most popular hobby there was. Between the world wars, there were hundreds of thousands of people sailing their shop-bought or homemade models come rain or shine, in both winter and summer.

Having gone through one of the worst years we have ever known, what could be a nicer way to celebrate our freedom than sailing yachts in the fresh air amongst nature and the elements?

Do not worry if you are new to sailing toy yachts, we will show you how to do this and explain some top tips along with how to stay safe on another page.

Join us on the last Sunday of May each year, by digging out that old forgotten yacht from the deepest recesses of the loft, by fixing it up and placing it on the water. Watch whilst your children shriek with delight as the boat fills its sails with air and scoots across the pond.

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Launched in 2021

A worldwide annual event.

World Pond Yacht Day was launched in 2021 by Stephen Hall and his son Benjamin, to share their passion for pond yachts around the world.

Sailing model yachts is still a popular hobby and is currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity. However Countries like Great Britain, the USA, France, Germany and Australia to name a few have been embracing this pastime since the early 1800s.


It is known that the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Vikings made toy boats for their children and even Lord Byron's father sailed model boats on the lake at his ancestral home at Newstead Abbey in the 1790s. Organised meetings were not actually held in Britain until the 1830's where a class system for racing was implemented. 

It is hoped that World Pond Yacht Day will inspire old and young alike to get out into the fresh air and sail a model yacht on their local pond.


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Model Yacht Pond Felixstowe png
Model Yacht Pond Felixstowe.png
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World Pond Yacht Day, 1950's South Inch
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