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Improve your Wellbeing

Wellbeing is very important in the times of covid, we have all been stuck at home during lockdowns, replacing meetings in the office with zoom calls on the computer. We simply are not getting outside enough, our brains are getting less creative and less active-minded. Just staring at an excel document all day is not letting us appreciate the outside world.


That's why we thought of World Pond Yacht Day. It is held on a Sunday, so you don't have to focus on that dreaded spreadsheet not working properly, you can just have a fun day in the park with your family and most importantly, RELAX! It's the global day to enjoy the great outdoors, get the wind in your hair and celebrate the hobby of sailing pond yachts.


Getting outside will not just make your children happy, you can get a chance to chill out too. Don't forget, this is a worldwide event for all Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls from all walks of life, from anywhere and any age. By joining in this event, you will be fulfilled with the sensational feeling of being able to explore and enjoy the park. This event is not just for fun, it's for your mental health too!

Nature Heals

We are aware that just going for a walk in the woods or a stroll along the beach can help with our feelings of happiness and peace, scientific research has proven this. Our affinity with nature is part of our DNA we have not evolved to be cooped up indoors all day, staring at the same four walls raises our stress levels and puts up our blood pressure, we require sunlight, fresh air and exercise to relieve stress levels of modern life and so remain healthy.


Frank Lloyd Wright the famous American architect once said "Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you". It has been found that people can suffer from 'nature deficit disorder' this is the loss of connection of humans to their natural environment. Being connected to nature improves our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It helps us to feel alive, and we should not become distanced from it by the modern living of urbanisation, technology and social media.

Connecting with Nature and spending time outdoors will help you 

Tips for additional Wellbeing

  • Be Active, go outside for a walk or explore your nearest park take a model yacht with you and sail it.

  • Connect, with the people around you, share your wildlife experiences whilst sailing.

  • Give, do something to help your local yacht pond and the people that live there, do some litter picking after sailing.

  • Take Note, look at the wildlife around whilst sailing admire the Swans, Ducks and Coots

  • Learn, try something new every time you sail.

Go on, go buy a model sailing boat and test it out on the pond and then enjoy feeling alive! Until you have sailed a model yacht you will never understand the beauty, therapeutic and wellbeing benefits of watching your yacht sail across the water.

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