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Where to buy a Pond Yacht

Starting out can be a little daunting for the beginner but you can still find plenty of good used and new yachts to sail. For the keen DIY enthusiasts there are some yacht kits to build and a lot of well-worn yachts still available to restore.

However finding a model sailing yacht is easier than you think, there are plenty of second-hand Star, Bowman, and Skipper yachts available on auction sites like eBay or vintage sites like Etsy, there is even a Facebook Marketplace where yachts come up from time to time. Prices vary according to their condition, and vintage yachts are becoming very collectible with J. Alexander of Preston yachts commanding several hundred pounds.


However, the Star SY range is still reasonably priced and appears on eBay regularly. The SY range is all solid hulled yachts, they sail very well indeed for their size. The Star MK range is hollow and therefore lighter yachts these sail impeccably well. Bowman produced a wide range of yachts, their solid range of Admirals was the most commonly available and they do come up for sale from time to time, be prepared to pay a little more for a good Swift, Aquaplane, Gull, or Heron.


Skipper yachts are still relatively modern and very good boxed examples appear from time to time. These were made in Suffolk originally and range from 8 inches to 32, with a very nice 21-inch Yawl available for around the £100 mark. There are plenty of older vintage yacht types available but remember their sails and rigging may be delicate and need replacing. You may be lucky to stumble across a vintage racing yacht fitted with steering gear but whatever yacht you own it is true to say the more you sail the more you will love the art of sailing.


Since the demise of Skipper, there has not been another quality mass-produced model yacht range available. However, a small number of British artisan makers like Grove Pond Yachts, Haycroft Pond Yachts, and Britannia Pond Yachts are out there, producing ranges of new high-quality yachts to sail.



A boxed Skipper Coastal pond yacht.jpeg

A boxed Skipper Coastal 15 inch Pond Yacht.

Makers of new pond yachts in Britain

"Britannia Pond Yachts’"on Etsy and Facebook, also antique, restored and used model yachts, including spares on ebay

"Grove Pond Yachts" website: on Facebook and Instagram.

"Haycroft Pond Yachts" website and facebook.

Dealers of fine antique pond yachts in Britain

'Paul Drewett' Specialist in antique yachts on Facebook.

"Pond Yacht Antiques" website also on Instagram.

Makers of new pond yachts in France

"Tirot" website

"Voiliers Albas" website,

Makers of new pond yachts in Germany

"Guenther" website, also a good range of yacht spares.

Makers of new pond yachts in the USA

"Tippecanoe Boats" website,

Click the links above to view websites


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