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What  Type Of  Yacht Should I Choose?

Firstly you need to consider how you are going to transport your yacht, if you use a motorcycle or the bus you will need a compact yacht that is easy to fold away and carry under the arm anything much over 18 inches becomes too hard to handle. If you use a small car then anything up to 25 inches is probably going to be all right but if going away on holiday this size of yacht may be too big to take. If you own a medium-sized car then a 36-inch yacht is going to be about the biggest you will want to risk. For Marblehead's and 10 raters, you are going to need an estate car and some help to get them in and out of the car let alone in the water. 

Not all yachts are designed as sleek racers with high aspect rigs that race across the yacht pond, although that is immense fun. There are plenty of other graceful yachts to choose from. Yachts fitted with bowsprits and gaff rigs are classed as cruisers and they do everything in the utmost style and flamboyance.

When choosing a yacht think about where you are most likely to sail, a small raised pond like the one at Aldeburgh is only really suitable for smaller craft up to about 20 inches, whereas ponds like the round pond in Kensington is more suitable for much bigger yachts. Also, think about the depth of water you will sail in, yachts with deep keels will require you to walk out into the pond wearing waders to launch them, whereas cutters with long shallow keels allow you to launch them right at the water's edge.

A Star Endeavour being launched at the w

A Star Endeavour being launched at the pond edge

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